Taller elf, light blonde hair, light green eyes, smiles a lot.


Race: Elf
Description: Jaeden has light blond hair, green eyes, and is very pale (like most elves)
Strengths: Dodge, Mind, and Perception
Weaknesses: Throw/Catch, Make/ Build, Weapon
Abilities: Teleportation (Dodge)
Faults: Jaeden trusts too easily and often overlooks the faults of his friends to the point of danger.

Perception= 10 Make/Build= 6
Mind= 10 Bravery=5
Dodge= 10 Weapon= Bow and arrow/
Throw/Catch= 4 Dracona Level= 10


Jaeden was an only child and the youngest apprentice to Merlin. He joined Merlin at the age of ten, and adopted Laurence, Merlin’s other apprentice who was three years Jaeden’s senior, as an older brother. The boys grew up together and when they both completed the apprenticeship and became mages in their own right, they elected to stay and help Merlin build his dream: a place for dragons to feel safe. Around the time that the plans for the Dragon Keep were beginning, a Dark Mage was killed by his apprentice, Moran and Moran became Merlin’s enemy.

When Merlin died, Jaeden was twenty-two and loved the older man like a father. Heartbroken as the young elf was, Jaeden held comfort in the fact that Merlin’s strongest wish had been accomplished. Today, Jaeden uses his teleportation ability to maintain the Keep while Laurence travels around Eriamoc helping dragons. Jaeden helps train new recruits to the cause and often jokes that at twenty-eight he has managed to become as old as Merlin from all the stress the Keep puts on him, but he really enjoys his work.


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