Taller man, Darker blond, almost brown hair, and dark brown eyes.


Name: Laurence
Race: human
Description: Taller for a human, but still shorter than his elven companion, Jaeden, and with dirty-blond hair and wise eyes. about thirty one, three years older than Jaeden.
Strengths: Bravery, Make/Build, Weapon
Weaknesses: Mind, Throw/Catch, Dodge
Abilities: Call Lightning (Bravery)
Faults:Laurence believes that all races can work together and can be misled by half-truths easily.


Perception= 6 Make/Build= 10
Mind= 4 Bravery= 10
Dodge= 3 Weapon= broad sword/7
Throw/Catch= 5 Dracona Level= 10


Laurence was born to a single mother who died shortly there after. He spent nine years living with the midwife, and then became Merlin’s first apprentice, joined shortly there after by Jaeden when he was thirteen. Laurence and Jaeden have a brotherly relationship adn they both work to keep their beloved master’s Dragon Keep up and running.

Just a few months ago, Laurence hatched his dragon Embyr, and she’s his closest companion now. Embyr is not Laurence’s first Dragon Friend, but she is the first femal dragonette he’s raised.


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