Moran is an evil sorcerer who believes he should enslave the dragons and then move on to eat the human race. All other races are expendable. He has managed to get a few fire dragons (and others) on his side, but mostly just kidnaps dragons and their eggs and entraps them in Shadow Hold.


Moran Meizle wasn’t always a sorcerer, nor was he evil. He was born a bouncing baby boy… the third in the family. He was constantly pushed to the sidelines as he and his four brothers and five sisters jostled for their parents attention. When a sorcerer came to town looking for an apprentice, Moran’s parents didn’t even send their children to be tested for aura. But Moran was a boy of ten, and went with his two older brothers and eldest sister, Tarah. Only he and Tarah passed the tests, and Moran became the apprentice to one of the most evil sorcerers ever to live. Of course, Moran became evil himself, and ended up killing his master. Tarah, after seeing what her brother had become, ran away to Merlin, who was aged and dying. Merlin’s apprentices Jaeden and Laurence were building a place for dragons to live in peace from Moran, so Tarah helped. Merlin died in his room at the Dragon Keep, and Tarah became shy and hid herself away in the great fortress. Laurence began leading parties out to rescue dragons while Jaeden helped dragons within the keep itself. No one has seen Tarah for years, for she has become nothing but a friend to all dragons who come her way, and has never forgiven herself for allowing Moran to lose his way.


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