Small winged girl with lavender hair and eyes, jewel-colored wings like on a butterfly, and pointed ears.


Name: Sharelle
Race: Fairy
Strengths: Perception, Dodge (flying), Mind
Weaknesses: Make/Build, Bravery, Weapon
Abilities: Fairy Magic: Illusions (Perception)
Faults: Intensely Curious, Tiny/unimpressive Voice, Collects … things (for her token collection), and Thinks She Can Fly (the wings don’t work except in her mind).

Skills: (Add role numbers for each skill. You cannot have more than 10 in any one skill, and all the skills must add up to 55.
Perception= 10
Make/Build= 5
Mind= 9
Bravery= 6
Dodge= 10
Weapon= 7
Throw/Catch= 8
Dracona Level= 1


Sharelle is a bit adventurous due to her curiosity. She left home in search of friends to share her adventure and a token (or maybe a FEW tokens) to take home to show her family that she had amazing adventures!


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