Young emapth, female. Helps the group get into areas that they normally couldn't see.


Name: Tarah
Race: Simian
Strengths: Dodging, Perception,Mind
Weaknesses: Bravery, Weapon, Throw/Catch
Abilities: Empathy (Mind)
Faults: Will not leave the Dragon Keep; extremely cautious and skittish.

Perception= 10 Make/Build= 7
Mind= 10 Bravery= 6
Dodge= 10 Weapon= 6
Throw/Catch= 6 Dracona Level= 10


Tarah is sympathetic to our cause, but doesn’t quite have the courage to leave the Dragon Keep. She’s very useful when in the Keep, but often runs away if a fight breaks out.

She was raised with her adoptive father and mother and nine siblings after her own parents died. Though she is the eldest female of the family, all of her brothers were older. The youngest of her brothers was Moran, and she followed him everywhere- even to visit the Dark Mage that came to town looking for an apprentice. Moran passed the Dark Mage’s tests, as did Tarah herself. However, Tarah could sense the evil radiating off of the Dark Mage and declined an apprenticeship, becoming instead a maid of the household.She tried everything to keep Moran from Falling, and when she was seventeen began planning her escape with him because the apprenticeship was complete. However, Moran had already Fallen and killed the Dark Mage to maintain power. Horrified at what her brother had become, Tarah ran away and found Merlin. Merlin took care of her, as did his two apprentices Jaeden and Laurence. Tarah agreed to help build the Dragon Keep, and legend says that she still lives in the dark recesses of it’s uninhabited section, keeping company only with dragons for fear another person she loves will Fall.


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