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  • Dracona Levels

    Dracona Levels are usually pretty easy to gain. You get them by [[Rescuing]] a dragon in danger, [[Escorting]] a dragon to the [[Dragon Keep]], or making [[Dragon Friends]]. Below is a table to help you out:


  • Rescuing

    Rescuing dragons is a rather simple kill-all-the-bad-guys type thing. When your party comes across a dragon in danger of being kidnapped, or when your party reaches [[Shadow Hold]] and finds imprisoned dragons, your duty is to get the dragons out of …

  • Escorting

    Escorting dragons is really one of your easiest, but longest, jobs. Dragons everywhere are trying to get to [[Dragon Keep]] and would really appreciate your help. After all, they need someone to help them with dangers on the road and to keep from getting …

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