Character Sheet

The Character Sheet

You’re character is not as complex as some, but not as simple as others. Sorry. Anyway, I wanted to clarify some of the “blanks” on the sheet.

Strengths/weaknesses are only so that I can tell approximately what would test or help your character at a glance. Faults can be anything that would be a hindrance during game play, such as incredibly mistrusting or afraid of water. These add a touch of fun to the game, and can be hilarious at the wrong moment in time!
You’re ability is anything that wouldn’t normally be included on the character sheet. Empathy, mind-reading, flight, or other magical talents, for instance. The skill set it uses would be the skill-category that your ability fell under. Empathy would fall under Mind.

Strengths: (Your character’s best skills)
Weaknesses: (Your character’s worst skills
Abilities: A special ability (the skill set it uses goes in parentheses)
Faults: Pick at least one disability your character must deal with.

Skills: (you may place any number from 1-10 in these skills. Better numbers (high ones) should go with your strengths, and worse numbers with your weaknesses. The numbers must add up to 55. Your Dracona Level is automatically 1, and must be changed through game play. It is not included in the 55)

Perception= (Understanding your surroundings, seeing dangers, ect.)Make/Build= (Hacking, breaking in, rigging together weapons or other equipment, ect.)
Mind= (Shielding thoughts, ect.)Bravery= (Holding up in battle, ability to approach more… intimidating dragons or people, ect.)
Dodge= (Defensive tactics, ect.) Weapon= (The weapons your character is proficient with/prefers)
Throw/Catch= (hitting a long-range target, ect.) Dracona Level= 1 (see Dracona Levels)

Character Sheet

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