Dragons are primarily what this game focuses on, so it is important to understand the creatures.

Their life cycle is very long. Female dragons can lay anywhere from ten to fifty eggs in her lifetime, usually about one- three at a time, and each will have a unique magic signature and will look different. Experts can approximate what special abilities the baby dragon, or drakeling, will develop. Dragon eggs are rather large: about a foot in diameter and can be any mixture of colors. They grow heavier as the drakeling develops and are very hard to damage or crack. Some cultures, such as the Elves, make a bag that has several lined pockets that can be draped over your shoulders and hang down your back, the pocket side- or dragon egg side- in towards you for protection. Such bags are usually called teridra and are fairly common.

They hatch from the eggs about six months after they are laid. At that time they are about the size of a human’s hand and cannot fly nor perform any kind of special ability. To feed them, one must bring them small game such as rabbits or rats. In about a week the drakeling can fly and has begun to show signs of special ability. About three weeks after that, the drakeling is now a dragonette and is in it’s childhood. It can fly and perform most aspects of its special ability, and is about 4 feet tall. It will grow at about a foot a month for a year until it reaches full growth: somewhere between ten to twelve feet tall, sometimes larger or smaller depending on the dragon. It is now a dragon with full mastery of its ability(ies). One can generally ride a dragonette at about the age of five to seven months if one has hatched it. Dragon eggs are guarded fiercely unless they were laid in the Dragon Keep, at which point the mother is more than happy to allow her young to become a great dragon with a good person. Usually, anyway.

Special abilities in dragons are not uncommon and are actually the norm. There is no book on how to tell, but if the drakeling is puffing smoke you can be pretty sure that it will go on to breathe fire, make fire bend to its will, or a number of other things depending on the dragon itself.


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