The Cultures of Eriamoc

There are many civilizations on Eriamoc, as well as species and cultures. Here they are in detail. (If you make a character of another race, I will add it to the list).

The Good Races


Humans are your basic, well, human. Some have mental or magical abilities, making them Mages.


Elves are taller and thinner than most humans, and their coloring is usually paler, ranging from pure white to the palest pink, blue or lavender. Their hair is either very light or very dark. There are no naturally brunette elves unless you call a light sandy-brown brunette. Their eyes are bold and pure colors and can pretty much be anything except white. Elves are not as diverse magically as other races, and their special abilities usually have to do with woodland survival or creating magical objects. There are some Elven Mages, however, so the idea is not impossible.


Fairies are smaller thank humans by a few feet, and have beautiful wings, though the wings are not useful without a magical ability that gives them that power. Many fairies, in fact most fairies, are mages. Fairy skin is just as diverse as a human’s, but their hair colors are unusual, and can be any color under the sky. Their eyes can change color depending on their mood.


Simians can appear human at first glance, but they really aren’t. They are usually hairier, though the hair is fine and usually a shade of brown, and have rounder faces and eyes. Their eyes are usually dark and show great insight. They have a fifth appendage that is attached to their lower backs and is usually hidden away. It is a tail of sorts with a hand on the end. Simians are not usually mages but tend to have abilities such as incredibly fast or super climbers. Simians are the least-evolved of all the Good races and have just developed speech a couple thousand years ago.

The Neutral Races


Gnomes are very short and rather stubby. They often work in rocky areas or woodland areas (splitting their race into the Minos and the Geros) and hide from larger creatures in most cases. They don’t like visitors into their domains, and will help either the Evil or the Good side out for enough shiny objects.


Centaurs are half-horse and half-human, though not through interbreeding, but through evolution. They are very strong and hold a mild distaste for the female human nudity taboo, but accept it in order to live among humans. Most centaurs are farmers, however, in rural areas of Eriamoc.


Brownies are very small, about a foot tall, and live with humans. They are very helpful, but refuse to choose sides between Good and Evil because they really don’t see much of the “outside world”. If a human home is destroyed, and along with it a brownie home, that brownie will become Evil in its grief unless a person of Good intervenes. Evil Brownies are very dangerous, despite their size, and can be marked out by their haggard appearance and red eyes.


Clyads is the collective term for elemental spirits. They are really two races: Nyads and Dryads. Nyads live in the water and help others cross their territory… When they feel like it. Dryads help the forest trees flower and grow fruit, and some dryads make their Home Tree grow Dryndll, a magical fruit that is rare and hard to harvest if it is being guarded. Some people can talk Dryads into helping their cause by blessing them with a dryndll, but that is as rare as the fruit itself.

Evil Races


Goblins prefer dark areas because their huge eyes are sensitive to light. They have either grey or green skin that is wrinkled and gives off a terrible odor. This helps give advanced warning to goblin attacks. Goblins have sharp nails and poison teeth, but also make sharp knives, daggers, and darts to use in battle.


Golems are creatures made of stone and brought to life by magic. They do not reproduce and are genderless. They usually have no names and can come to life after death if an evil mage deigns to do so. Golems works as assassins for hire in most cases, and are more agile than you would think. They are incredibly strong and are paid in magic-bound contracts promising them X-number of revivals. They have no emotions other than anger and greed and are not haunted by any death, which makes them merciless.


Driders are half elf half spider, though like the centaurs it seems to have been an evolutionary change. They are very evil and very big. They like to trap, taunt, and frighten their prey as the poor soul is bound and helpless in their web. They are quiet and can climb walls and ceilings, making them perfect for ambushes. Driders are fanged slightly, and carry a paralyzing venom that they usually allow to wear off before killing or draining their prey.

Dark Mages

Dark Mages, or evil mages, are almost always humans. They have fallen in with other evil races and use their magic for personal gain only. A very important dark mage is Moran.

The Cultures of Eriamoc

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